Evans Building Co., Inc. Maize, KS


Evans Building Co., Inc.

Building Use

Corporate Office & Shop

Project Size

31,200 sq. ft.

Products Used

Continuous Beam Frame

SSR™ Roof System

Panel Rib™ Roof System

Completion Date

March 2021

This project is the new home of operations for Evans Building Company. It was built with the intent to show potential customers different pricing options while also showing them a variety of other design options. Evans wanted to show that a building does not require brick, stone, stucco, etc., to make a pre-engineered building stand out and be eye-catching.

The building features an SSR™ roof system, energy saver insulation, PrisMAX™ skylights, partition walls, and liner panels. The exterior of the building features an area of inset wall with horizontal bronze panels and bronze glass & glazing. In contrast, the main wall is vertical Cool Artic White. Evans used decking panels for all exterior wall sheeting.

The front entrance is built with horizontal Cool Copper Penny panel to make it stand out; the entry includes clear aluminum framing for the glass and a “floating” stainless steel facia with a custom Evans sign. As you enter the facility, visitors see a lot of detail in the lobby and conference room, since this is what catches their eyes. The lobby has polished concrete floors, a horizontal Cool Copper Penny accent wall, an all black Evans sign, custom chandeliers made from rebar, industrial steps (with polished concrete steps and cable railing), and a “floating” receptionist desk with stone facia and granite countertops. The conference room has a ceiling that includes a grey soffit panel, and the accent wall was made with black soffit panels, stone, and a stainless-steel Evans sign. Also included in the conference room are custom-built black millwork, glass shelves for Hall of Fame Awards, custom-made barn doors, and a conference room table.

The building includes numerous other features, including a low-speed/high volume fan at the mechanic’s bay, floor heat in the offices, lobby, and mechanic’s bay, and an area that shows an open office floor plan. A place with standard offices and an area of offices that are enclosed give the appearance of an open floor plan due to the walls being built of frameless glass.

The Evans team put a little bit of everything that Evans and VP offer in this building to act as a selling tool.