PrisMAX SLC™ Daylighting Solution

With the PrisMAX SLC™ daylighting system from VP Buildings®, you can improve your building operations while providing a comfortable and healthier work environment. Through the superior performance of the PrisMAX SLC system, you will experience maximum daylighting while potentially reducing as much as one-third of your total building energy costs! No matter what your building end-use, the PrisMAX SLC system will maximize the power of the sun while delivering cost-effective energy savings for your building.

A trusted system from a trusted manufacturer. At every turn, you'll find quality designed into the PrisMAX SLC daylighting system.


Quality Design

The aluminum curb of the PrisMAX SLC offers ultimate corrosion resistance and longevity while the unique curb diverter helps prevent ponding water and debris to reduce maintenance. The fiberglass board insulation exceeds the R-5 code requirement for skylight curbs to provide greater thermal efficiency and avoid condensation. And, our triple lens dome provides additional condensation protection in humid or cold climates.

Brilliant Prismatic Lens

The unique features of the prismatic lens of the PrisMAX SLC skylight offers the highest visible light transmission (VLT) into a building throughout the day. The double domed PrisMAX SLC provides up to a 72% VLT with 100% light diffusion that is more balanced, with less “hot spots”, than experienced with other non-prismatic skylights. And when installed with the correct lighting controls, lighting demand can be reduced by up to 70%, offering real savings to your bottom line.

A Tested System

You can rest easy knowing the tough polycarbonate outer lenses of the PrisMAX SLC have been tested to meet industry standards for structural performance (ASTM 330), water penetration (ASTM E5470), and hail protection.

Easy Installation & Retrofit Solutions

The easy-to-install curb arrives fully assembled to minimize on-site labor, saving you time and money. Plus, designed for any building application, PrisMAX SLC is installed after the roof is in place thereby allowing you to choose the right time for a new or retrofit installation.

Provide a heathier work environment

Study after study shows that daylighting improves the morale and productivity of the occupants in a building. Whether your building is used for education, retail or manufacturing, providing more light for longer periods throughout the day enhances the experience of those inside the building. In addition to promoting occupant well-being, daylighting can help you extend your business hours without the drain on your building’s operating costs.


Optional accessories provide true advantages

Safety is a critical part of every Varco Pruden project; that is why we offer below-dome safety screens to provide fall protection for workers above. Burglar bars are also available to help deter entry into the building through skylight openings.