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We are dedicated to providing the most localized and specialized manufacturing services possible. Our team does this by utilizing a vast network of authorized, talented, and reputable builders, located throughout North America, who craft visually engaging buildings that perform at the highest level of efficiency.

Varco Pruden Builders lead the charge in providing innovative engineered steel building solutions for both pre-engineered and conventional steel building systems. We depend on VP Builders to deliver high-quality construction for finished projects we can all be proud of, and they depend on us to provide premium steel building products and services that live up to the Varco Pruden reputation for quality.

If you’re looking to join a team of leaders who share your passion for building better systems and partnerships from the ground up, become an authorized Varco Pruden Builder today.


Varco Pruden Builder

Unwavering support

From sales and marketing training to assistance with lead generation, we offer a wide variety of services and support for our authorized builders.

Long-lasting relationships

Our builders are the lifeline of our company. We take great pride in our partnerships and work diligently to protect and nurture those relationships every single day. Many VP Builders have been with us for decades, and they consider us to be a valuable partner, not just another supplier.

Experienced team

When you become a Varco Pruden Builder, you join a living legacy that stretches back more than half a century in the steel manufacturing industry. This delivers the support of an experienced team of professionals ready to assist you from the initial quote to final construction.

Advanced technology

We’re known as the “technology leader in our industry: and that technology gives you access to a number of tools that will help your business grow. VP Builders receive exclusive access to powerful proprietary tools and software that offers efficiency, productivity, and helps set you apart from the competition.

Diverse product portfolio

For more than 70 years we’ve prioritized innovation and as such have expanded our product and service offerings for VP Builders. We offer solutions for conventional steel buildings, retrofit, and hybrid buildings, as well as numerous tested solutions for insulating buildings.

“Pat Munger Construction Company specifies Varco Pruden for all of our pre-engineered steel buildings because of the quality of VP products and processes that make it easy for Munger to operate. We appreciate VP's talented employees and leaders who believe that their success is directly linked to our success and who are in lockstep with our core values.”


Join the Varco Pruden family

At VP, our builders are more than just partners–they’re family. With every project and every new builder, we make a difference in our customers’ lives through better, more impactful services and products that perform.

When builders join our ranks, they not only bring their breadth of knowledge and expertise to our team, they help us construct a stronger foundation from which we can continue to grow and achieve.