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First Southern Bank Building

This high-tech, energy-efficient, corporate banking center was constructed with a conventional steel hybrid frame structure and a light gauge radius metal roof.

Evans Building Co., Inc. Office Building

Corporate office building and shop with a strikingly simple design that is totally suited for them to work and welcome guests.

Marc Motors Nissan

Located in Maine, Marc Motors Nissan was the first car dealership with a 2.0 design in the state.

Boeck Seed Services

The erection of the Boeck Seed Services agricultural office building required a high-end interior finish, in addition to exterior changes.

Colorado Boat Center

Baker Builders installed a new re-roof on this Colorado-based boat center. Read all the details here.

First Baptist Church of Platte City

The VP Builder incorporated the church's request to illustrate the "open arms of Christ."

Variant1 Warehouse

Valor Contracting LLC utilized various VP product solutions during the erection of this North Dakota warehouse building.

Cleveland Community VFD

One of four fire departments were built at the same time by this VP Builder. This specific firehouse took 14 months to build.

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