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Almost Home Wellness Center

The VP Fast-Track team was able to accommodate Builder needs via a “Fast Track Hybrid” approach for the construction of this veterinary clinic.

Dudley Common

Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd. utilized a Fast Track design to construct this mixed-use office building in June 2020.

Poseidon Environmental

VP’s Fast Track program allowed for a quick turn-around on this industrial building located in Englewood, CO.

4090 Industrial LLC

It took a lot of creative metal trim work and up-front design considerations to keep this industrial office building Fast-Track status.

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center

This state-of-the-art, 46,022 sq. ft. agricultural education center includes an interactive facility with over 10,000 sq. ft. of educational exhibits.

The Lee Company Retrofit Building

This retrofit building was converted from a manufacturing facility into a training, meeting, and conference center.

The Rock of Gainesville

Varco Pruden’s Rigid Frame, SSR roof system, Panel Rib wall panel, and TextureClad wall panel were used in the construction of this 28,000 sq. ft. church.

Sandwich Fire Substation

This project was awarded the 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame Award Best of Category: Government.

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