Metal Building Insulation Systems

Insulate your bottom line

Steel buildings are inherently cost-effective, but by adding an impactful and productive insulation system to your facility, you can further protect your bottom line. Varco Pruden’s steel building insulation systems are designed to offer long-term cost savings, interior comfort, and sound and condensation absorption. Whether you’re manufacturing an entirely new facility or starting a metal re-roofing project, optimize efficiency with our innovative metal building insulation systems.


Our ThermaLift™ system’s unique design allows for more insulation to be installed above the structural secondary. It provides a competitive alternative to meet the most demanding and stringent energy codes, including the IECC-2015 and Canada’s NECB-2011.

Designed for use with our SSR standing seam roof, when installed with our new 1” thermal block and R-19 plus R-30 insulation, the system delivers a tested U-factor performance as low as 0.029 or an effective R-value of 34.5.

ThermaLift™ is a complete system that includes SSR panels, clips, and fasteners, along with the insulation bridge and insulation materials.


SSR Block

Minimizing heat escape where insulation is compressed over purlins or joists is one of the best ways to improve the thermal efficiency of a building. Better thermal efficiency means lower energy costs and lower life-cycle costs.

Designed to use with the SSR™ roof system, our Thermal Block provides an economical way to improve the thermal performance by reducing heat escape at the contact areas over the roof structural member. When thermal blocks are used along with 6″ blanket fiberglass insulation, there is a 25% improvement compared to systems where thermal blocks are not used.


SuperBlock Web

Our SuperBlock System for the SSR™ standing seam roof system is capable of delivering an ASTM C 1363 Hot Box tested, 0.047 U-Factor, using R-13 faced fiberglass as the bottom layer and R-19 unfaced as the top layer. VP’s SuperBlock holds down the faced blanket as it is placed and the roof clips maintain precise modularity without constant measuring.


The ThermoDeck system combines our superior roof systems and our multipurpose Deck-liner with multiple layers of uncompressed insulation to offer in-place thermal values of R-20 to R-38.5 that decrease energy usage long term. With its continuous vapor retarder, the ThermoDeck system controls condensation to provide an extended product life that protects your metal building’s assets.

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This hybrid structural project leverages a conventional structure with VP secondaries, roof and wall. The architect used a combination of burnished block and horizontal wall panels to accent VP’s Panel Rib™ wall panels and SSR™ roof system.

Maximize efficiency with metal building insulation systems

Properly insulating your building is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and efficient interior environment. With the right materials and insulation, you can greatly improve the thermal performance of your system—saving you money long term on heating and cooling costs.

Leading the charge in construction innovation, we have the products, technology, and experience your team needs to create better buildings that last longer and perform better.