Conventional Steel Solutions

From concept to completion, we offer an integrated approach to conventional steel construction. We are your single source for engineering design,estimating, detailing, and steel fabrication. Our hybrid and complex structures offer integrated structural design that can include any combination of VP structural system and conventional components.

Unlimited options

We offer designers unlimited options using conventional steel members including beams, bar joist, tubes and pipes. Building applications include multi-story buildings, heavy-loaded industrial facilities, or special shapes for architectural features.

High safety & performance

Our structural design team uses the latest modeling software along with VP Command™ to design and engineer facilities that meet the highest industry standards for safety and performance. Our design team, working with experienced contractors and architects, will deliver buildings that are affordable, efficient and erectable.

Time + money savings

Starting with the end in mind, our single-source, complete service includes efficient engineering designs, accurate estimates, quality materials – all backed by industry leading warranties. Owners can move into their new facility knowing you have a building that will meet needs now and for years to come.

Systems approach

Our systems approach includes value engineered options to ensure the optimization of material performance. Additionally, our ability to combine Systems Construction with conventional structural solutions reduces engineering cost and delays, helping the project flow from concept to completion efficiently.

Competitive, fast, flexible.

From start to finish, our integrated approach to conventional steel services offers competitive pricing, flexible design solutions, and faster occupancy. We offer unlimited integration for mill steel, bar joist, concrete, masonry, metal studs, and other components. Our team works with you on upfront design, coordination and structural guidance. The result? Faster completion, which means reduced risk, cost savings and quicker occupancy.

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