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If you’re building a commercial, industrial, or institutional facility for virtually any end-use, you’ve come to the right place. Varco Pruden™ combines steel structural materials with any exterior finish to create metal buildings that are energy-efficient and provide years of trouble-free performance. Our network of authorized VP Builders and our industry-leading technology creates building solutions that work for every need and every budget.

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Metal building solutions and steel building construction

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Empower your design visions with Framework™ Stud Wall on your next construction project. Collaborate with a VP builder to craft a personalized design to suit your needs.

For those prioritizing exterior aesthetics and needing a drywall interior, just request your VP builder to integrate Framework into your upcoming project.

Generational experience makes a world of difference

With more than 70 years of experience, we are proud to provide industry-leading products and services that better serve those around us. We are passionate and purposeful in everything we do, from the first design sketch to well past the last rivet. Additionally, as part of our dedication to building stronger communities, our diverse and inspired workforce continually searches for breakthrough innovations that offer increased productivity, sustainability, and opportunity through better building solutions.

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This project was a 16,000 sq. ft. single slope addition to an existing 16,000 sq. ft. single slope building, creating a gable roof line. In addition to the Panel Rib™ wall system, rock wainscot was used on the exterior of the building.

The Kavia building has a single-sloped roof design, and wind beams were utilized to allow for a wider variety of finish options on a framed front wall assembly.

We build solutions.

We combine innovative engineering, advanced technology, and superior manufacturing to build solutions for you.