Exterior Building Retrofit Solutions

When your building starts to show its age, constructing an entirely new facility isn’t always the most practical option. Rather than starting a ground-up project, exterior building retrofits offer a more affordable and optimal solution to fit your budget and needs.

Whether you need to repair a leaky roof or want to redesign your office space to inspire employees and customers, our team offers a variety of metal building solutions—giving you the look and feel of a new building without the cost of one.

Benefits of a commercial building renovation

Updating the facade of your commercial metal building offers two options: remodeling or starting from scratch. Retrofit solutions offer a wide variety of benefits at an affordable rate. And in order to provide the most sustainable, fast, and cost-effective solution for your business, our team prioritizes your needs and budget every step of the way.

Increased building value
Increased employee productivity
Increased curb appeal
Lower utility costs
Lower building maintenance costs
Improved / expanded operational space
Lower carbon footprint
Building enhancements for your exterior makeover
  • Structural evaluation

    Our Retrofit team works with you to determine what it will take for your current facility to meet your needs, including budget and priorities for the completion of your steel building design.

  • Daylighting

    To reduce energy costs, our high-tech skylights provide excellent lighting that eliminates the need for interior lights.

  • Aesthetics

    Using modern architectural improvements and energy-efficient roof and wall systems, we add value and curb appeal to your current facility.

  • Steel building expansions

    Give your business room to grow by adding and reorganizing existing facilities. By optimizing your workspace, we can improve business efficiency and output.

  • Wall retrofits

    By installing new metal wall systems, you can improve the appearance and energy efficiency of your building thereby lowering maintenance and life-cycle costs.

  • Building diagnostics

    Using our proprietary technology that assures accurate evaluations, our experts help identify problem areas and provide recommended solutions that make sense.

  • Roof upgrades

    A new roof retrofit can lower maintenance and energy costs by providing a weathertight barrier and fewer roofing headaches.

  • Sustainable products

    Steel is one of the longest-lasting materials available on the market. And with our cool paint finishes, you can improve building envelope efficiency and lower energy bills.