Miscellaneous Building Structures

Helping people, whatever the need

Industry leader in steel buildings

Many unconventional buildings are built every year, and Varco Pruden is no stranger to these different types of requests. From the electric & gas industry, owned sanitation services, senior citizen centers, recycling centers and more, we have solutions no matter what the building.

A pioneer in steel framed buildings

We’ve been pioneering energy-saving building strategies for more than 30 years. We help you keep operating costs down with cool roof finishes with 25-year warranties, more efficient insulation options, and passive lighting through skylights, domes, and translucent panels. We pride ourselves on lower material and labor costs with faster completion schedules. We meet the highest industry standards and use energy-efficient and sustainable construction materials. And our flexible designs are engineered and manufactured to provide structures that meet your needs today with quality you can rely on in the future.

Any type of building to fit your need