Fast-Track Building Solutions

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a building that meets your budget and construction schedule. Using our proprietary design and engineering program, we streamline basic building design and manufacturing time to accelerate your completion schedule and help you realize a faster return on your investment.


Our Fast-Track program allows for a custom-concept building. Whether you need open interior spacing or if interior columns are allowed, our economical and effective structural options help you optimize your floor plan layouts and meet your specific spacing needs.


Metal buildings don’t have to be synonymous with boring. Our Fast-Track program allows you to choose from a variety of roof and wall panel design options for an attractive and affordable building that suits your business and your budget.


We understand that even in large budgets, being economical is a top priority. That’s why many of our roof options are backed by long-term warranties for finish and weathertightness to protect your investment for years to come.


With Fast-Track, building size is not a problem. Building widths range from as small as 20’ wide up to 250’, with building lengths from 30’ to 750’ and eave heights as tall as 35’. Fast-Track also allows sidewall lean-to at the eave, which can be as wide as 70’.


The Fast-Track method provides all the traditional sustainable features of our metal building systems from design and fabrication to less jobsite waste. With sustainable materials such as recycled steel, optimized design, daylighting and low VOC paint finishes, Fast-Track buildings can provide superior building performance while being easier on the environment.


No matter the application—from commercial and industrial to agricultural—each Fast-Track building is designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest standards and business codes. Got weather issues? Fast-Track buildings are also designed and built to withstand winds as strong as 140 mph and carry snow loads as high as 100 pounds per square foot.


Maintain the flexibility to choose your ideal options and accessories while still expediting timelines and the manufacturing process. We offer owners a choice of tested and approved accessories manufactured to the highest quality standards: ours.

Products for Fast-Track buidings

Benefit from increased construction speed that doesn’t skimp on the essentials. Our Fast-Track program offers a variety of options, including flexible framing parameters like mixed-bay spacing and movable bracing locations, plus multiple panels and roof styles to meet your needs. Fast-Track buildings have been used for a variety of commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.

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The VP Fast-Track team was able to accommodate Builder needs via a “Fast Track Hybrid” approach for the construction of this veterinary clinic.

Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd. utilized a Fast Track design to construct this mixed-use office building in June 2020.

Benefits beyond the building

Each Fast-Track building utilizes the same high-quality design, engineering, and materials that we offer with all of our products. This means you receive a state-of-the-art building that meets your budget and construction schedule, plus the flexibility and quality standards of traditional manufacturing

Varco Pruden is a trusted name in the industry. When you combine our high quality and manufacturing standards with our innovative Fast-Track system, you receive expedited metal building solutions that fit your needs.