Metal Framing Systems

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Steel structural systems are a durable, reliable, and cost-effective building solution for all your commercial and industrial manufacturing facility needs. From recreation facilities to breweries and distilleries, steel framing systems are a game-changer in the building process. Whether you require specific interior building heights to accommodate equipment and storage or need a building to withstand extreme weather conditions, we offer several different metal framing systems to fit the needs of nearly all types of metal buildings.


When you want an economical, column-free interior space, our Clear Span Rigid Frame is the one for you. Providing clear spans up to 300′ or more, along with On-Center and Off-Center Ridges and Single-Slope designs, these structures allow unsurpassed flexibility in the use of interior space.


Where interior support columns are acceptable, like in vast production or storage areas, our Continuous Beam frame provides the greatest space at the lowest cost per square foot. With the ability to achieve almost any eave height, this frame allows total flexibility in building width and column locations, and can accommodate interior column spaces of 100′ or more.


If your building plans call for unobstructed, column-free interior space, VP’s open web Truss Beam frame offers long, clear spans, along with the advantages of open web rafters. Open web design lowers construction costs by using optimal materials.


The open web design of VP’s Continuous Truss frame offers construction cost savings through optimal material use and reduction of required building heights. This open web design also increases interior visibility through enhanced lighting dispersal.


WideBay Trussed Purlins offer an effective structural option to standard purlins or bar joists. These unique secondary members are designed to span up to 60’ between frames and are perfect for projects requiring open interior space for equipment placement, racking and storage, or where column-free space is needed for sporting events or concerts. The G-30 Galvanized finish doesn’t require field painting and the acrylic coating helps protect the structural appearance for long term maintenance-free performance.


Our variety of secondary structural sizes and configurations allows designers to select the best fit for your building. We utilize G-30 Cee and Zee members attached to primary structural framing for maximum support of exterior cladding for steel buildings.

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The project features an extensive use of glass storefront and multiple types of stone/masonry finishes for the exterior walls. Three skylights were used to enhance natural lighting and reduce electrical demand.

Twenty-six skylights are located above aisles throughout the building to provide natural lighting.

Conventional Steel Services

From concept to completion, we offer an integrated approach to conventional steel construction. We are your single source for engineering design, estimating, detailing, and steel fabrication. Our hybrid and complex structures offer an integrated structural design that can include any combination of VP structural systems and conventional components.