Metal Re-Roof Solutions

Engineered metal roof solutions

And why that matters.

Stop roof leaks, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the appearance of your facility with our roof systems. Whether your current roof is a non-metal or a metal roof, flat or sloped, our systems can provide a solution that gives you long-term, weather-tight protection and fewer roofing headaches.



  • Re-roofing over shingles

  • Slope build-up system

  • Re-sloping for water management and architectural appeal

  • Metal over metal roof systems

  • Standing seam roof systems

  • Roof-mounted equipment

Benefits of Varco Pruden Retrofit

Varco Pruden specializes in offering retrofit roof systems that can breathe new life into your building. Whether it is solving existing problems, providing upgrades in insulation, or just improving the appearance of your building.


High-profile retrofit roof system

The high profile metal over metal system is used to retrofit existing exposed fastener ribbed roof and high profile standing seam roof systems. This system creates a cavity that ranges from 3 ¼” to 11”, this increased cavity allows you to add additional insulation to achieve up to an R-38.

Benefits of

High Profile

  • Eliminate problems on an existing roof

  • Achieve better insulation value

  • Avoid time delays

  • Avoid disruptions to existing operations

  • Attractive, cool colors

  • Improve energy efficiency

Slope build-up retrofit roof system

Varco Pruden’s slope build up system is ideal for use over existing flat roof and low slope roof systems. It can be used to stop leaks, provide better water management, increase R-values and improve your building aesthetics.

Benefits of

Slope Build-Up

  • Stop leaks & ponding

  • Add insulation & improve energy efficiency

  • Avoid business interruption

  • Improve building appearance

  • Avoid costly tear-off

Why Varco Pruden for your re-roof needs?

Let Varco Pruden be your single source for all your metal re-roof needs. We can supply your complete retrofit system including roof panel, structural members, and all trim and flashing. Whether you have a sloped or flat roof, we have a proven and effective system to address all your roofing needs.

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