Safety above all else

Zero-Harm Construction


We’re dedicated to construction practices that keep our employees and our environment safe. From innovative steel products to streamlined business and training processes, we’ve implemented a variety of zero-harm construction methods to help make our business and your community a safer place.

Utilizing the latest modeling software and our proprietary VP Command® application, our team designs and engineers facilities that meet the highest industry standards for safety and performance. Our innovative technologies, paired with our partnership-driven approach, help create better outcomes for businesses and facilities all across the nation.

OSHA Compliance isn’t our target—it’s our starting point

We lead the industry in exceeding the highest standards of testing and certification. With a commitment to manufacturing excellence, we have achieved levels of accreditation that put us on top when it comes to compliance.

Time and time again, industry leaders choose Varco Pruden because of our comprehensive and unparalleled safety and compliance standards. When you need a manufacturing partner who is as dedicated to safety as it is to design, we are the best choice.

Construction workers on a job site
Construction manager writing on a clipboard
Worker installing metal roof
Construction zone safety sign

Safety is a catalyst to great things

With safety as the foundation, we’re able to manufacture outstanding facilities that out-perform and over-deliver. Our high standards are the norm for VP.