Sustainability beyond the norm

We care about the longevity of your building, and the land it sits on. When it comes to sustainable construction, steel is an unparalleled choice. This natural material is incredibly strong, non-toxic to produce, and infinitely recyclable and reusable—making it an excellent investment in the future of your business and your community.

As a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association, we are experts at steel construction. For 70+ years, we have worked to develop innovative design strategies that deliver efficient and cost-effective metal facilities that don’t compromise on quality.

With our ever-growing collection of Energy Star® certified products and green expertise, our team offers an incomparable experience that can contribute greatly toward your project’s sustainable design and LEED certification.

What it means to “build green”

Building green is a movement toward constructing high-performance buildings that do more than house a business—they improve the local and global community. By combining design and manufacturing practices to include built-in sustainability features and materials, green construction creates environmentally responsible buildings that maximize savings and efficiency.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword around here—it’s our way of doing business. Our construction expertise combined with our alternative products and innovative building processes makes our team the perfect partner for your next sustainable construction contract. Let’s build a better building together.

prismax daylighting system installed on ceiling

Energy efficiency & renewable energy

Water running from chrome faucet

Safeguard water & water efficiency

conservation symbol

Conservation of materials and resources

Green ficus leaves and a ceiling air conditioner

Indoor environmental quality