Products for a range of buildings

Reliable product performance

Through research and development, we have continuously expanded our products’ capabilities to offer affordable approaches to all types of low-rise construction without sacrificing performance or appeal.

Varco Pruden also provides the cost-effective building solutions you want with the requirements you need. Our products are available through our network of VP Builders in the US and Canada. The Varco Pruden Builder in your area can work with you to provide a surplus of resources to ensure that your building will meet your project needs, schedule, and budget. Whether you are planning an entirely new building or upgrading and enlarging an existing facility, we have the products you need.


Customize and optimize

Varco Pruden offers several primary and secondary metal framing systems to fit the demands of nearly all types of metal buildings. Steel structural systems provide a sturdy, dependable, cost-effective building frame for all your building needs. Customize VP steel framing systems to meet specific interior building heights, load and code requirements, accommodate equipment and storage needs, as well as withstand extreme weather conditions.

Roof Systems

Cover all your bases

Varco Pruden metal roof systems offer the flexibility and reliability your building needs. Enjoy the built-to-last performance of our steel roof systems that meet the highest sustainability standards while being aesthetically and architecturally notable. The wide selection of colors and styles available, including “cool paint” formulas, allow you to have it all — a dependable, attractive roof that fits your budget, reduces maintenance costs, and increases energy efficiency.

Wall Systems

Create undeniable curb appeal

Varco Pruden Buildings‘ steel walls are designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide years of efficient, low-maintenance service. Architects, designers, and commercial property owners find that VP wall systems artfully combine affordability, performance, and versatility. Regardless of the type of project, our wall systems can be combined with a multitude of materials such as wood, stone, brick, block, glass, tilt-up concrete or EIFS, adding design flexibility and economy.


Protect your investment

Insulating your steel building furthers the cost-effectiveness and long-term cost savings that come from choosing steel building solutions. Insulation optimizes energy efficiency by keeping your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Varco Pruden offers steel building insulation systems that provide interior comfort as well as sound and condensation absorption, whether you’re manufacturing an entirely new facility or starting a metal re-roofing project.

Accessories & Daylighting

Accentuate your signature style

Put the finishing touches on your building with Varco Pruden accessories and lighting solutions. Designed to complement the total building system, our steel building accessories allow you to personalize your project and increase energy efficiency. Varco Pruden offers a variety of options including entry doors, windows, skylights, safety walks, curb systems, and special-use items for functional, high-performing, and attractive finishing touches. Our first-class paint systems are formulated and tested to exceed your project’s toughest requirements. Cool colors, part of a sustainable design solution, also are available.