Secondary framing members are roll-formed steel structural members which carry the various loads (i.e. live, wind, snow) to the primary framing system. VP offers a variety of secondary sizes, gauges and configurations, resulting in unmatched design flexibility and building economy.


Secondary framing solutions come in muiltiple configurations to meetstringent requirements.


Cee & Zee Shaped Girts & Purlins


Transbay Bar Joist System

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VP’s Secondary Framing Systems include: Cee & Zee Shaped, WideBay™, and Transbay™ Bar Joist System.

Roof Purlins and Eave Struts carry the roof load. Purlins are Zee shaped for strength and available in 7”, 8 ½”, 10” and 11 ½” depths. These cold-formed members are manufactured from acrylic coated G-30 steel in a variety of thicknesses from .060 to .113. Typical purlin spacing is 5’ on-center, across the width of the structure but may vary to accommodate specific project requirements. Eave struts provide the support for attachment along roof edge and sidewall conditions. VP eave struts are factory formed Cee members, shaped to accommodate the building roof slope and provide a solid surface for panel attachment.

Wall Girts are normally roll-formed in Cee or Zee shapes. These 7”, 8 ½”, 10” and 11 ½” members transfer the necessary wall loads to the primary structural members. Girts are attached to the columns with factory welded clips to ensure strength, fit and ease of erection.

WideBay secondary members offer a cost competitive option to bar joists for wide bay applications. Truss purlins are available in either 30”, 34” or 40” depths and are factory punched for precise fit and easier installation.

VP can incorporate Transbay into our building systems that helps you achieve uninterrupted, column free space and is particularly appropriate in facilities with bay spacing in excess of 40’. Transbay is designed to accommodate any wind or roof load and can provide either single or double-sloped roofs with pitches beginning as low as ¼:12.

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