Isanti Indoor Arena Isanti, MN


Steel Structures, Inc.

Building Use

Indoor BMX Facility

Project Size

75,000 sq. ft.

Products Used

Continuous Truss Frame

SSR™ Roof System

Vee Rib™ Wall System

PrisMAX™ SLC Daylighting System

Completion Date

March 2015

This building features a full size USA BMX track. Built over an existing track and starting hill, It has open web framing with staggered columns to fit around existing BMX tracks. The structure has 51 12’x4’ bronze glazed windows and 17 large doors for an open exterior feel during the summer. The exterior also features 4’ and 8’ rock face masonry. Sustainable elements include PrisMAX SL™ skylights and water gardens to contain runoff water. The building includes a full-size kitchen, indoor restrooms, a warming house for the adjacent skating rink and common restrooms for the parks area. It also features two large mezzanines overlooking the track and radiant heaters installed between the webbing.