Poseidon Environmental Englewood, CO


Baker Builders, LLC

Building Use


Project Size

8,400 sq. ft.

Products Used

Rigid Frame

SSR™ Roof System

RPR™ Wall System

TechFour™ Wall System

TextureClad™ Wall System

Completion Date


This project was a design-build approach and while the initial design allowed for the Fast-Track Flex program, the owner and developer revised some of the exterior requirements that ended up pushing the parameters of Fast-Track.

The Fast-Track group was accommodating and walked the Baker Builders team through options of how to keep the project on schedule and meet the exterior design requirements. The suggested method of releasing the building, roof panels, and insulation through Fast-Track and allowing the VP Components group to handle the walls was a great fit. The Builder was able to release the building and begin erection while the VP Components group finalized the details on the walls. The Baker team and the VP Components team were able to collaborate together to finalize a parts lists and drawings for erection purposes.

VP’s Fast-Track program allowed for a quick turn-around on delivery while VP Components processed the wall panels and trim for this project. Baker Builders incorporated multiple panel types and transitions to offer the client a custom exterior appeal, while meeting the development requirements.