Hirzel Canning Warehouse Ottawa, OH


Rudolph Libbe Inc.

Building Use

Distribution & warehouse

Project Size

87,500 sq. ft.

Products Used

Panel Rib™ Wall System

Vee Rib™ Wall System

SSR™ Roof System

Continuous Beam Frame

WideBay™ Secondary System

PrisMAX™ SLC Daylighting System

Completion Date

July 2015

The building is a single-sloped 350’ wide warehouse with 50’ x 50’ bays, framed with the VP WideBay™ system. The SSR™ roof panels are single sloped with fixed clips at mid-span. Twenty-six skylights are located above aisles throughout the building to provide natural lighting. Along with the VP Vee Rib™ exterior wall system, the building has an eight ft. interior Panel Rib™ liner panel. SkyWeb® Fall Protection was also utilized during construction.