Specialty Crop Company Madera, CA


DBKO Design-Build, LLC

Building Use

Office Space & Warehouse

Project Size

10,640 sq. ft.

Products Used

Rigid Frame

Panel Rib™ Wall System

Panel Rib™ Roof System

Completion Date

March 2022

The Specialty Crop Company is the world’s largest grower of fresh and dried figs. It also specializes in farming pistachios, almonds, pomegranates, citrus kiwi, and persimmons. Located in Madera, California, the new facility was designed with plant-on panel features and textured Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) to enhance its façade. The building includes warehouse space and office space. It was recognized as a 2023 Hall of Fame winner in the Agriculture category.

Varco Pruden metal buildings are an excellent choice for warehouse needs because they provide flexible interiors with efficient floor plans, racking support and optimized usable space.