The Firehouse Shelter New Facility Birmingham, AL


Dunn Building Company, LLC

Building Use

Homeless shelter

Project Size

28,000 sq. ft.

Products Used

Rigid Frame

Continuous Beam Frame

ThermaClad™ Wall System

SSR™ Roof System

Completion Date

January 2020

This 28,000 sq. ft. homeless shelter utilized a multitude of VP products including, Clear Span Rigid Frame, Continuous Beam Frame, SSR™ Roof System in Cool Cotton White, ThermaLift™ Insulation System, ThermaClad™ Wall System, and FP-12 Soffit panels.

This project had it’s fair share of hurdles. It rained 17 of the first 35 days of onsite work. Due to the poor weather, the team decided to replace the native soil with a sandier building pad. This led to another issue for the Builder. Since the amount of construction space on site was limited, deliveries had to be received and unloaded in the street. Building materials needed to be strategically stored away from construction activities.

This project was awarded the 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame Award Best of Category: Miscellaneous.