How Fast-Track is your quick solution to on-time and on-budget metal buildings.

How Fast-Track is your quick solution to on-time and on-budget metal buildings.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to construct a building that meets your budget and schedule. Fast-Track, Varco Pruden’s (VP) design and engineering service, streamlines basic building design and manufacturing time to accelerate your completion schedule and help you realize a faster return on your investment. Fast-Track helps you capture opportunities in growing market segments and offers you options for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. Access Fast-Track through your authorized VP Builder for committed support and solutions designed to meet aggressive schedules.

Varco Pruden is a trusted name in the industry. When your VP Builder combines our high quality and manufacturing standards, flexibility, and excellent customer service with the innovation of Fast-Track, you receive expedited pre-engineered metal building solutions that fit your needs.

Three Ways to Deliver the Right Solution for Your Project

VP Fast-Track allows you to construct a building with shorter lead times within budget and without skimping on project quality.

Fast-Track currently offers three flexible design options to help you meet your project specifications.

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  • The basic service, driven solely by your input
  • Overall design has simple geometry, standard colors, and limited accessory options
  • Visit MyAccount > “Resources” for more information on project parameters
  • Typical lead time is 8-10 weeks

Fast-Track Flex

  • Fast-Track program expanded to include items that require minimal amount of clarification and engineering
  • Allows you to include limited complexity without sacrificing lead time, and input can be modified by the Fast-Track Team
  • Typical lead time is 10-12 weeks

Fast-Track Premier

  • Same parameters as Fast-Track and Fast-Track Flex
  • With Premier, a member of the Fast-Track team can input the building either from a VP Command file or architectural drawing for an additional fee
  • Typical lead times will follow a Fast-Track or Fast-Track Flex project designation

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With VP Fast-Track, your VP Builder handles all your project communication. From the initial quote to the completion of your project, you will have a direct line to the Fast-Track team making all steps quick, easy, and streamlined.

Additional Benefits of Fast-Track

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Fast-Track is ideal for building projects like arenas, warehouses, and distribution centers. Fast-Track offers these additional benefits:

  • Flexible Design
  • Sustainable
  • Meets local building codes
  • Attractive and affordable
  • Economical steel building solution
  • Variety of options
  • Adaptable framing systems


Don’t sacrifice quality for the sake of time. Each Fast-Track building utilizes the same high-quality design, engineering, and materials that we offer with all of our products—meaning you receive a state-of-the-art building that meets your budget and construction schedule with the flexibility and quality standards of traditional manufacturing.

Whether you choose to input the building yourself or rely on a VP Builder to assist you, Varco Pruden’s Fast-Track provides you with benefits that reach far beyond the building.