When Time is Money, Retrofit Provides a Valuable Solution

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As a business owner, you know time is money. That’s why many business owners delay property improvements. The cost of suspended operations is just too much. But there is an alternative. Varco Pruden Retrofit systems provide ways to improve your commercial property and protect your investment without disrupting business. A retrofit solution modifies a facility […]

Varco Pruden Hall of Fame – 2022 Award Winners

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Every year Varco Pruden invites VP Builders the opportunity to select and submit their best projects from the prior two years to be featured in our Hall of Fame. VP Hall of Fame annually recognizes and awards top architectural building projects by authorized Varco Pruden Builders. Winning projects exemplify innovation and excellence using Varco Pruden building […]

How Fast-Track is your quick solution to on-time and on-budget metal buildings.

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You don’t have to sacrifice quality to construct a building that meets your budget and schedule. Fast-Track, Varco Pruden’s (VP) design and engineering service, streamlines basic building design and manufacturing time to accelerate your completion schedule and help you realize a faster return on your investment. Fast-Track helps you capture opportunities in growing market segments […]

Retrofit: The Secret to Long-Term Real Estate Property Maintenance

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No matter how diligent commercial real estate owners and managers try to be about maintaining their properties, limited budgets and limited time can cause maintenance and repairs to be delayed. Left undone, these deferred maintenance items can increase your repair costs and your operating costs. That impacts not only the current value of the property, […]

How A Retrofit Roof Can Protect Your Commercial Property Investment

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A retrofit roof is one of the most impactful and cost-effective improvements a commercial property owner can make with minor disruption to the current business. A retrofit roof, or re-roof, project is the installation of a new roof on top of the existing roof. There are two approaches to fit different building needs: Metal over metal. A new roof system […]

What Is a Pre-Engineered Building?

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Varco Pruden’s pre-engineered buildings (PEB) provide a turnkey building solution that can be implemented in a shorter time than conventionally built steel buildings. Pre-engineered buildings are an alternative to conventional steel buildings. PEBs are constructed using elements that are designed and engineered in advance of construction, then sold based on specific project requirements, including loading […]

Build Green with Energy Efficient Metal Buildings. Meet the Demands of Tomorrow, Today.

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Varco Pruden Buildings® is an experienced leader in bringing quality metal building products, technology, and flexible solutions together to streamline the building process and provide value. These solutions include our new superior energy-efficient wall systems, the Panel Rib High-R™, and the Vee Rib High-R ™ system. Our innovative wall systems offer you a way to build […]