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Varco Pruden Buildings® is an experienced leader in bringing quality metal building products, technology, and flexible solutions together to streamline the building process and provide value. These solutions include our new superior energy-efficient wall systems, the Panel Rib High-R™, and the Vee Rib High-R ™ system. Our innovative wall systems offer you a way to build green with our tested thermal performance that provides an alternative solution to insulated metal panels (IMP). Designed to help you keep pace with the ever-changing and stringent energy code requirements, the Panel Rib High-R and Vee Rib High-R deliver quality and performance.

A New Innovative Product Design

The exclusive design features a larger insulation cavity between the structural girt and the wall panel, which allows a single-skin solution to accommodate more fiberglass insulation, thereby improving thermal performance. This extra insulation enables the High-R system to meet or exceed the energy performance of an IMP.

Two Energy-Efficient Options Deliver Superior Performance

The High-R systems outperform a 2.5″ IMP with an impressive 0.046 U-factor rating for Vee Rib and 0.047 U-factor rating for Panel Rib. These numbers demonstrate that our new High-R systems not only deliver the required thermal values of the latest codes but prove their performance as tested in our accredited BlueScope Guarded Hot Box. The Guarded Hot Box, a testing apparatus to quantify energy efficiency, provides accurate, real-world insulating information rather than the theoretical data commonly used.

Tired of paying for skyrocketing energy costs?

The High-R Wall Systems from Varco Pruden can help.

  • Economical Solution –A fully installed Panel Rib High-R or Vee Rib High-R System provides a cost-competitive solution over other insulated wall systems.
  • Superior Energy Performance – Both High-R Systems are value-engineered to meet or outperform the energy performance of a more expensive 2.5” IMP! These tested systems demonstrate outstanding energy performance with low U-factors while they help you maintain your budget.
  • Quality Appearance – Never worry about dimpling at the fasteners again. Traditional, single-skin wall solutions compress the insulation against the wall girt, causing dimpling at the fasteners.  The High-R attaches directly to the metal stanchion’s face, providing a high-quality appearance for your building.

When you combine the benefits of our Panel Rib™ and Vee Rib™ single-skin wall panels with the High-R Systems features, you have a superior energy-efficient and economical choice for almost any building application.

To learn more about these energy-efficient wall systems, find a Varco Pruden Builder in your area.

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