Metal building maintenance to prevent damage from snow build-up

Warning Signs and Considerations When Preparing Your Metal Building for Winter Weather

Warning Signs and Considerations When Preparing Your Metal Building for Winter Weather

It’s nearing the end of the calendar year, which means parts of the United States and Canada have already experienced their first snowfall. A large snowstorm or a series of winter weather events can create adverse conditions for buildings that require immediate attention, especially as few people are aware of the consequences snow build-up can have on a building’s roof. During this time of year, Varco Pruden Builders advise their customers on metal building maintenance and prevention methods that help alleviate the damage that can occur from snow build-up on rooftops. While property insurers are beginning to provide more information on what to do in the event of a snow emergency, the roof experts at Varco Pruden have extensive experience assisting building owners in preventing significant damage.

Early prevention and preparation are vital to help protect your building investment from winter weather and snow build-up.

We advise Varco Pruden building owners to keep drains and gutters clear of ice and snow to facilitate melting run-off. Ice and snow build-up can cause excessive loads, even without drifts. Heat tapes in gutters and downspouts may assist in preventing ice build-up, except in extremely low temperatures.

There are warning signs inside the building you should be aware of that indicate excessive snow accumulation, including:

  • The deflection of purlins
  • Ceiling tiles popping in dropped ceilings
  • Unusual noises

For new buildings, conditions that could cause a damaging accumulation of snow can be highlighted during the design phase of the project, and prevention measures can be taken.  This could include any of the following:

  • Stepped elevations
  • Closely adjacent buildings
  • Ridges and valleys
  • Parapets
  • Rooftop units
  • Below-eave canopies

If any of these situations occur, you should contact your builder immediately for assistance. Learn more about our Re-Roof options or Find a VP Builder today.