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How A Retrofit Roof Can Protect Your Commercial Property Investment

How A Retrofit Roof Can Protect Your Commercial Property Investment

A retrofit roof is one of the most impactful and cost-effective improvements a commercial property owner can make with minor disruption to the current business. A retrofit roof, or re-roof, project is the installation of a new roof on top of the existing roof. There are two approaches to fit different building needs:

  • Metal over metal. A new roof system is installed directly over the existing roof system, using the existing roof slope.
  • Slope build-up. A new roof system is installed with a modified or enhanced roof slope over an existing roof system. Slope build-up is ideal for existing flat roof systems.

Retrofitting your roof can be done by an authorized Varco Pruden Builder to existing roofs that are metal or non-metal, flat or sloped.

A retrofit roof prevents costly leaks

Roof leaks can cause severe property damage, requiring the roof and the walls and floor to be replaced. Undetected leaks can cause mold to form, necessitating expensive remediation or loss of property value. Water leaks can also damage property stored on-premises, leading to third-party claims for damages. The property is deemed unusable temporarily or even permanently.

Retrofit roofs help protect against extreme weather damage

Our roofing systems are engineered to withstand heavy winds, rain, and snow loads. Miami-Dade County also approves certain roofing options for businesses in Florida, which experiences frequent hurricanes.

A retrofit roof can lower insurance premiums

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Commercial insurance policies can exclude coverage for damage that results from a roof not being properly

maintained. A Retrofit roof not only helps your insurance coverage be more effective, but it also may result in lower premiums because of the reduced risk of damage.

Retrofitting your roof can decrease energy costs

RFT 029 2021 DuringVarco Pruden’s allows for additional insulation and can reduce energy costs over the life of the roof. Our “Cool Roof” coating colors decrease energy costs by reflecting light away from the building. We even have options for meeting the stringent parameters of California’s Title 24 Building Efficiency Standards.

Varco Pruden’s Retrofit Roof systems create weather-tight, long-term protection that protects your investment and peace of mind.

Let a Varco Pruden authorized Builder help you get started.