Strikingly Simple Design is a Clear Standout for Corporate Office Building

Strikingly Simple Design is a Clear Standout for Corporate Office Building

Corporate Office Building & Shop of VP Builder

In March of 2021, Evans Building Company, Inc. completed construction on its corporate office building and shop with a strikingly simple design that is totally suited for them to work and welcome guests. As a Varco Pruden Builder, they used VP products for this 31,200 sq. ft. steel office building.

Intentionally Designed to Showcase Possibilities

Besides creating a building that was ideal for their business, the building was intentionally designed to showcase what they do and to be distinctive with well-considered and creative use of materials. This includes floating a desk in the lobby along with other visual elements where clients are welcomed and can see possibilities and opportunities for themselves.

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Evans wanted to convey a range of alternatives and the potential to construct a structure without brick, stone, or stucco, and showcase the design capabilities of a pre-engineered building. What generally comes to mind with pre-engineered steel buildings is a basic structure with four sides and a roof, but Evans’ metal buildings make evident what showstopper steel buildings can be.

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Continually Focused on Relationship Building

Evans Building Company, Inc., and Varco Pruden formed their partnership way back in the early 80s, and it has been an appreciable 40 years. Our hard hats go off to them as they celebrate their 60th year of business in their new corporate headquarters in Maize, Kansas, on the outskirts of Wichita.

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Evans, a VP-exclusive builder of pre-engineered metal buildings, has its HQ in an Industrial Park where they were the builder of all but two buildings in the park. What a testament to their relationship-building, metal-building acumen, and excellent marketing tool!

Evans is a loyal and innovated builder, who uses VP products in new and creative ways. Bill Johnson’s knowledge and involvement in the Wichita area is amazing and visiting their office is a pleasant experience due to the family atmosphere.” Rick Beelman, former VP Project Manager

The people at Evans Building Company take the time to walk potential clients through their offices and shop. At their prior facility, they could show a comparison of standard lighting vs sky-lighting by replacing all but one in the shop to demonstrate the “night and day” difference. Because of their vision, they made mentioned they probably install/use more skylights than any other builder.

Standing the Test of Time

Long-time employee and loyal VP Builder William (Bill) Johnson has been with Evans for half a century. Having 57 years of construction experience and the knowledge to understand challenges and learn to overcome them is of great benefit. This is clearly something he with his cohorts like to do as their company works with clients, to make each build distinctive and suited to them.

“Things we used 50 years ago we are still using today as features for different designs,” said Bill about Evans. “We’re using different approaches to give buildings an updated look.”

Evans’ website mentions their success as a general contractor and pre-engineered building specialist, with the tagline “The Team to Build With” and it’s the real deal. Just dig a little deeper, and you’ll see examples of their work and awards. We know a little about some of the awards received over the years because many of their accolades come from Varco Pruden Buildings. They have so many well-deserved plaques that they may have to consider building another load-bearing wall to display them properly, with lighting. J.D. said the plaques are some of the best testaments to their projects (and history).

“When we have visitors, and they see our plaques with project photos displayed, they are at first surprised and come to realize all Evans has accomplished.”

Evans Building Co


Undoubtedly, the pre-engineered business has changed since 1962, but Evans Building Company, Inc. stands behind its founding principles. They are committed to providing excellent service and facilitating the process with clients in pursuit of their dream building. They are a great group passionate about what they do and work hard to provide the best structure for their customers and help them see the limitless potential with imagination and creativity.

“The Evans team has been a valued VP partner. They strive for excellence in everything they do, and it shows in the numerous bests in category awards achieved,” said Jeremy Childs, VP District Manager. “Working with Bill, JD, and the entire Evans team over the past 15 years has been a privilege.”

Varco Pruden offers endless opportunities for pre-engineered metal construction. If your business needs to expand your current building or needs a new building, speak with a VP Builder about how a steel building from Varco Pruden can be the solution you need.

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