Tips and Tools to Help You Gear Up for 2020

Tips and Tools to Help You Gear Up for 2020

As the new year begins it is a great time to make sure you are using all your resources to grow. Here are the top 5 key things to check.

1. Online Search – Review your search terms and consider search engine optimization functions (SEO) as the first step to making sure prospects can find you before your competitor when they are seeking information for a buying decision. Online search is the #1 platform for research on business buying decisions.

Today’s buyers spend more time performing search queries before engaging with a specific business’s website. Additionally, 71% of business to business research starts with generic search terms i.e. “metal buildings” and the numbers are growing with more than 1.7 million online searches for contractors each month. Search is a direct connection to your website. (Source: Google)

2. Content – Update your online content and build a plan to keep it current. Business decision-makers expect real-time access to your company’s information via your business websites. All roads should lead to an updated site with relevant content for a client to choose you.  However, easier said than done. Google, and other online platforms are constantly changing how their sites pull information back for customers. Fresh, unique content is the one constant to overcoming any algorithm changes.  Videos, photos, blogs, site copy (including search terms), and linking to social accounts all help performance.

3. Social Selling – Actively participate in social media platforms such as LinkedIn and, believe it or not, Facebook. Both platforms are the leaders in business to business marketing and social selling tactics. According to LinkedIn 78% of those engaged in social selling activities outsell their peers and 51% of those engaged are more likely to reach quotas. To be effective with social media, post content about projects, highlight new content on your site to social selling platforms, showcase employee news or things happening in the communities you serve.

4. Training – Create training objectives for your team. With the rapid speed of technology changes and updates, keeping your team current is vital to efficiencies in your business and staying competitive.  There are a variety of options to fit the individual team member’s needs from webinars and in-class sessions to industry conferences and podcasts.

5. Streamline business and product information – Build dynamic materials to be delivered when, where, and how your customers and clients need them. Now is a great time to update your selling materials to reflect the latest news on projects, product information, enhanced capabilities, and innovations.  Also, consider how you are producing and sending these materials, be prepared for the client’s diverse requirements.

These tools work together to build awareness of your business.