When Time is Money, Retrofit Provides a Valuable Solution

When Time is Money, Retrofit Provides a Valuable Solution

As a business owner, you know time is money. That’s why many business owners delay property improvements. The cost of suspended operations is just too much. But there is an alternative. Varco Pruden Retrofit systems provide ways to improve your commercial property and protect your investment without disrupting business.

A retrofit solution modifies a facility to improve its energy efficiency, upgrade building components, or enhance its aesthetic appeal. These building renovations can also address deferred maintenance and lower your building lifecycle costs. Choosing to retrofit your building allows you to make impactful and cost-effective improvements without suspending daily operations.

VP Builder Cannon Building Systems, Inc. kept this facility for a school district in Missouri weathered-in while the project was ongoing.
VP Builder Cannon Building Systems, Inc. kept this facility for a school district in Missouri weathered-in while the project was ongoing.

Protect Your Investment

With Varco Pruden Retrofit systems, you can choose from three available options to update and enhance existing facilities within your budget and timeline — all with minimal disruption to day-to-day business. Options to protect your investment include:

  • Roof restoration. With this option, your local Varco Pruden Builder will remove and replace existing roof panels to extend the life of your building easily and efficiently. During this process, better roof insulation can also be installed. A restored metal roof can lower maintenance and energy costs by providing a weathertight barrier.
  • Building renewal. During the building renewal process, your Varco Pruden Builder removes and replaces the roof and wall panels of your existing building envelope, while maintaining the structural integrity of the original building. This option results in a complete exterior overhaul. Building envelope retrofits can improve the energy efficiency of your building, lowering both maintenance and building life-cycle costs.
  • Facility refresh. A facility refresh is a great option for adding curb appeal and/or increased functionality to your business. This retrofit option allows you to add-on building accessories, such as specialized panel finishes, new doors and windows, canopies, and facades.
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For this project in Wichita Falls, Texas, VP Builder M&F Litteken Co. provided a single-slope addition to the sidewall of an existing building. They utilized slope build-up to form one continuous roof line across the existing and new portions of the building.

Building Owners: Why Retrofit?

From lower insurance premiums and decreased energy costs to protection against extreme weather damage and the prevention of costly leaks, retrofit buildings are the smart solution for commercial property maintenance. A retrofit building allows property owners to:

  • Spruce up existing structures at a low cost.
  • Maintain your building and address structural issues.
  • Minimize day-to-day business disruptions.
  • Complete refurbishment and renewal projects quickly and efficiently.
  • Create an enhanced customer and employee experience with aesthetic improvements.

When A Coat of Paint Isn’t Enough

When a coat of paint isn’t enough to refresh your building, see why retrofit may be a better, longer-term solution.

VP video thumbnail retrofit
Jason Harrell with Harrell Construction, a VP Builder in Jacksonville, Florida, discusses the benefits of retrofit construction.

Get Property Upgrades Underway Today

Varco Pruden Retrofit systems create weather-tight, long-term protection for your facility, protecting your investment and providing you with peace of mind. Whether giving your property a complete facelift or rounding out your refurbishment with fresh new features, a Varco Pruden authorized Builder will help get you started today.

Each VP Builder brings rich experience and valuable expertise to the project. They are experts in your market, making them very familiar with local building codes and permitting processes. From the initial specifications to the job’s completion, your VP Builder will manage the entire project in tandem with your needs and preferences.

Find a VP Builder in your area to identify the best Retrofit solutions for your property.