Brothers Cleaners Raleigh, NC


Gregory Development, LLC

Building Use

Laundry/Dry Cleaners

Project Size

11,200 sq. ft.

Products Used

Rigid Frame

Deck-Frame™ Roof System

SSR™ Roof System

Panel Rib™ Wall System

PrisMAX™ SLC Daylighting System

Completion Date

December 2016

This building replaced an existing cleaners facility that was demolished after it was destroyed by a fire. The new building was designed to match the existing building footprint and go back on the existing foundations. The building has roof and mezzanine framing, bar joist and metal bracing. R-30 rigid insulation is used with VP’s SSR™ standing seam roof. The front endwall contains metal studs and wind beams. Along with VP’s Panel Rib™ wall system, stone and EIFS were utilized as well.