Ditch Witch of Minnesota & Iowa Huxley, IA


Woodruff Construction, LLC

Building Use

Shop, Retail and Sales Offices

Project Size

13,874 sq. ft.

Products Used

Rigid Frame

Standing Seam Roof

Vee Rib Wall Panels

TextureClad™ Wall System

Completion Date

November 2016

The shop portion of this facility has a 22’ eave and eight large overhead doors for access into the building with equipment. It also has VP’s Rigid Frame and Vee Rib™ wall panels in Cool Zinc Gray. The office and sales portion of the building has an 18’ eave. The building exterior has 3’ of split face block with TextureClad™ wall panels above the masonry. This gives the appearance of stucco or EIFS look and panders an architectural break between the two sections of the building.