Halcon Headquarters

Stewartville, MN

AB Systems, Inc.
Building Use
Project Size
15,158 sq. ft.
Products Used
SSR™ Roof System
PrisMAX™ SLC Daylighting System
Conventional Steel Frame
Completion Date
May 2016

This three-story office building was built using VP’s Conventional steel services and a custom hybrid steel system. The building features 180’ of interior glass office partition walls and 10’ on center modular framing with exposed painted structure. The exterior walls are made up of striated metal wall panels and EFIS. The structure includes seven 48” x 48” skylights. There is a 75’ x 5’ opening between the upper level and main floor with stainless steel and glass railing. This opening features a 10’ x 5’ glass floor on the second floor for visibility to the lower level.