The Rock of Gainesville Gainesville, FL


Harrell Construction Company, Inc.

Building Use


Project Size

28,000 sq. ft.

Products Used

Panel Rib™ Wall System

TextureClad™ Wall System

Rigid Frame

SSR™ Roof System

Completion Date

March 20, 2020

This church building required multiple shapes, mezzanine, RTU supports, canopies, curtain wall support, and an R38 roof liner system. Insulated metal panel (IMP) walls and a Panel Rib™ Wall System with stucco were applied. FP-12 Soffit panels (all BIM coordinated) were used in VP Command. The design build was able to stay on schedule and in budget for the year and a half long project cycle.

This project was awarded the 2021 Varco Pruden Hall of Fame Award Best of Category: Houses of Worship.